Varma Kalai is into existence for more than thousands of years. In the modern understanding the significance and greatness of Varma Kalai, it is named as Thanuology. In the modern terms it is a study that deals with the secret locations in the human body. These secret locations are called life-centers. Thanuology or Varma Kalai is used for several purposes as follows:

  • Healing people if traumatized
  • Used in battle to fight enemies
  • As a defense strategy during battle
  • Healing people injured in the battle
  • Identifying diseases in human body

Origin of Thanuology or Varma Kalai
Thanuology is the science of healing gifted to the world by Lord Shiva. There is a story said in the southern part of India on how Varma Kalai originated. Once during the child hood days of his sons Vinayaka and Muruga, Lord Shiva noticed playing with each other. When they were playing with each other he noticed they were also wrestling and fighting by hitting each other. Even though it was just a game their combat looked as if they will hit and get hurt seriously. Lord Shiva stopped their game and explained the harmful effects of hitting each other. When he explained the harmful effects, the kids were interested more and requested him to explain further. He explained them the various life centers present in the human body and the ill effects caused if the life centers are traumatized. He also explained in detail on how this can be used a healing tool for people who are injured by mistake.

Varma Treatment

It is said that the Siddhars, who are the Rishis of Tamil Culture grasped this knowledge from Lord Shiva and applied them for the well-being of the humans. The term Thanuology is being used in the modern world but the actual name Varma Kalai is into existence since the time of Siddhars in this holy land. The names of Siddhars who practiced Varma Kalai are mainly Agasthyar and Bhogar. Most of the scriptures with information on Varma Kalai were from Agasthya Muni, Bhogar Muni and Theraiyar. The Varma Kalai was transformed from generation to generation only through oral recitation. Only few parts of this great art were written in the scriptures for security reasons. If the practice of this art goes wrong there can be bad consequences and danger to the mankind. For this very reason the Varma Kalai knowledge was transformed to a well-practiced disciple of these Siddhars and from them it was transformed generation after generation. Varma Kalai is also known as Marma Kalai which means a secret art used only on purpose or necessity. This was also handled only by expert people and was transformed from generation to generation by the expert practice and knowledge. It was not easily available to the hands of every human being as it involves the danger of being misused. Varma Kalai was also used by people who practice martial arts.

These unique fine arts were possessed by Tamil Nadu and the people of Tamil Nadu for ages. Though some of the practices of this fine art are not prevailing in today’s world, there are still experts in the art of Varmam. Dr. S. Chidambara thanu Pillai is an expert in the Varma Kalai and his family is practicing and preserving this art for nearly 46 generations. On his experience he says there is no link or relationship between Varma system of healing and Acupuncture. The system of Acupuncture has a recent origin. People should not confuse Varma system with Acupuncture.

How does Varma Kalai Work?
Varma Kalai is a unique art that should be practiced only with proper experience. According to Varma Kalai, there are 72000 nerves found in the human body. Each nerve is unique and has higher significance on several aspects of the human life. All these 72000 nerves are energized with the help of the Prana Vayu (Oxygen). With this Prana Vayu the life in a human body is propelled. When the flow of Prana Vayu in the human body is disturbed or obstructed, diseases and illness are caused. In some cases due to this illness life will also be a risk. When a human being is exposed to an accident the sensitive nerves and Varma points in the nerves which is called as the life centers is disturbed.

There are cases when a person is injured and a disease occurs, the modern medicine is unable to find out the cause of the disease. In these cases when the person dies there is no evidence found in the Post-Mortem to say that the person died because of this problem. The external factors that cause death can only be identified in Post-Mortem. The internal impact to the Varma points or the life centers cannot be identified unless it is handled by an expert. Injuries that happen during the martial arts such as Judo, Karate also affects the life centers of the body. It is very unfortunate fact that the modern medicine has no solution for the impacts on the life centers. Modern medicine provides a solution for external injuries such as fractures, cuts, burns etc. But there are also cases with internal injuries where an organ will be affected. The life centers in the internal organs will also be affected with an injury. This injury occurs even in sensitive organs such as brains, heart etc.

Varma system of medicine identifies the root cause of the issue and treating the injury as appropriate. The modern medicine just provides a temporary solution for the problem and the disease reoccurs. The Varma pulse is monitored for abnormalities and the massage is given to that particular nerve or life center by applying ghee, oil or a lehyam as required. It cannot be said that Varma medicine is a cure for all types of diseases but for some type of diseases that are cause due to an injury, Varma medicine will act as a best cure. Life centers are not only applicable for human beings but it is also applicable for animals or other beings and appropriate cure can be done. VedhamThanuologyVedic ScienceSiddha,Siddhars,Tamil,Thanuology,Varma,Varma KalaiVarma Kalai is into existence for more than thousands of years. In the modern understanding the significance and greatness of Varma Kalai, it is named as Thanuology. In the modern terms it is a study that deals with the secret locations in the human body. These secret locations are...Re-Discovering the Roots