This is a common question that arises in the mind of people who have started self-realization. This is also one of the significant questions that is necessary for people would like to dive deep into spirit realization. When we are born in this world, we are born as a small kid. We gradually grow up into a big man or woman. During the course of growth we gain lots of knowledge from various sources. We are exposed to both good and bad things in life. Both pleasure and pain in life. After going through all these things we end up in graveyard. If we think through all these things, there comes a necessity to understand what the actual purpose of life is. Scholars believe that purpose of life differs from one living being to another living being. This is a question that we have to ask ourselves every day. Every human being or every living being born in this world is going to die some day or the other. Before we die, we have to understand what the purpose of life is. We have to take necessary steps to expose the real purpose of this life.

What are we traveling towards? What is the destination of life? Say for example if a person is starting from Chennai and travelling towards Mumbai, his travel details are clear. He started from Chennai and his destination is Mumbai. But when it comes to human, we start our journey in this earth as a human but what is the destination? Is it going to be the graveyard? Is death going to be the only destination for every human being? It can also be said in other words. Some people disagree to the fact that they are not destined towards death. In that case are they destined towards next birth? Details about re-birth is clear in the scriptures of Sanathana Dharma even though most of the other religions don’t believe the concept of re-birth. The following verses from Thiruppugazh adds more fuel to this thought.

எருவாய் கருவாய் தனிலே யுருவா
யிதுவே பயிராய் …… விளைவாகி

இவர்போ யவரா யவர்போ யிவரா
யிதுவே தொடர்பாய் …… வெறிபோல

ஒருதா யிருதாய் பலகோ டியதா
யுடனே யவமா …… யழியாதே

ஒருகால் முருகா பரமா குமரா
உயிர்கா வெனவோ …… தருள்தாராய்

Eruvaai Karuvaai Thanile Yuruvaai
Idhuve Payiraai Vilaivaagi

Ivarpo yavaraa yavarpo ivaraa
Idhuve Thodarbaai Veripol

Orudhaa Yirudhaai palako Diyadhaa
Yudane Yavamaa Yazhiyaadhe

Orukaal Muruga Paramaa Kumaraa
Uyirkaa Venavo Tharulthaaraai

If we are not destined towards death, next birth, re-birth etc., then are we destined towards a state where there should be no birth at all? This state is called as Mukthi state. There was another Saint who sings about the difficulty of taking birth again and again. In the below verses the Saint requests the god for not to be born again in as a womb inside another mother.

மாதா வுடல் சலித்தால் வல்வினையேன் கால்சலித்தேன்
வேதாவும் கைசலித்து விட்டானே நாதா
இருப்பையூர் வாழ்சிவனே இன்னுமோ ரன்னை
கருப்பையூர் வாராமல் கா

Maadha Udal Salithaal, Vall Vinaiyaen Kaal Salithaen
Vedhavum Kaisalithu Vittaanae Naadha
Iruppaiyur Vaazh Sivanae Innumore Annai
Karuppaiyur Vaaramal Kaa

So it is necessary that everyone should think about the purpose of this life every day. Allocating time in life to think about this question is very important. We have so many temples and other religious structures built by so many great kings in India. One of the main purpose of such temples is to sit and think what is the purpose of life. Along with what we admire in the temple, we should also give a thought about ourselves to know why we have born in this world. What will be our destination. All the things that we collect as part of this life is not going to be with us after the life is gone. Even the knowledge that we are accumulating throughout our life is not going to there after death. When we take a fresh birth again, we have to accumulate again the same knowledge. So it is ideal to start thinking on what the purpose of life is with the knowledge that we have accumulated so far.

Purpose of Life according to Sanathana Dharma

In Sanathana Dharma, we have answers for almost every question. There are also details clearly available for people who question about purpose of life. For self-realization, understanding the purpose of life is very important. They should be seek towards understand why they have taken birth in this world. The ancients formulated Purusharthas for every living being to fulfil. There are Four Purusharthas defined in Sanathana Dharma as a principle to be followed by every individual in the journey of life. Every part of life and every journey in the life will fall under any of the categories of Chathur Vidha Purusharthas.



Righteousness, Duty










Apart from the above, there are also varieties of other answers for this question. Gaining experience throughout the life is the purpose of the life. We are not going to prepare for any life here. We don’t know what happened before birth, we don’t know what will happen after death. The period between birth and death is called as the Life. The real purpose of life in Sanathana Dharma is to serve others.

उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत प्राप्य वरान्निबोधत ।
क्षुरस्य धारा निशिता दुरत्यया दुर्गं पथस्तत्कवयो वदन्ति ।। (Kathopanishad – l.3.14)

The motive of every human should be to gain as much as fully sustainable knowledge from every source. VedhamGood ThoughtsLife,ThoughtsThis is a common question that arises in the mind of people who have started self-realization. This is also one of the significant questions that is necessary for people would like to dive deep into spirit realization. When we are born in this world, we are born as a...Re-Discovering the Roots